woman hand reaching for schmidt's rose + vanilla signature deodorant stick with magnesium

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Applying deodorant is a daily, often mundane ritual ingrained in your morning routine’s muscle memory. Sometimes, the best part of going natural is learning to use your products intentionally. Applying natural deodorant isn’t just a swipe and go” activity. If you take a few moments to know how to apply, and why you’re applying that way, the little things — staining, build-up, micro-abrasions — could start to be a thing of the past.

1. Clean and exfoliate gently

It’s not your sweat that stinks. Body odor is a result of bacteria on your skin. Deodorant helps, but its benefits are maximized when applied to clean skin. Lather up those underarms and exfoliate gently to rid yourself of bacteria and dead skin cells to ensure your delicate skin is ready for a fresh application.

2. Dry it out

When applying post shower, make sure your skin isn’t moist. We recommend applying to dry skin versus when it’s wet so your body can absorb the formula more easily. Not to mention, if your underarms are freshly shaven, your skin isn’t ready for it anyways (see next step).

3. Breathe

If you’re shaving before putting on deodorant, treat your underarms with some respect and wait a few minutes before applying. When you shave, you’re basically creating tiny little cuts on your skin, and applying deodorant when they’re ripe and freshly hairless could cause some irritation. Use that extra time to brush your teeth. Your underarms are worth the wait, we promise.

4. Swipe right

If you’ve noticed your skin is pulling or your deodorant stick is simply not gliding as it should, first, we recommend trying our new magnesium-enriched deodorant formula. It has a smoother glide and 24-hours of protection. As with all Schmidt’s deo sticks, we recommend warming your deodorant to your skin before you apply. Our natural formulas warm on contact with body heat. So when you’re gently pressing your deo stick to your skin for 10 – 30 seconds, the formula will become softer if you just wait a moment before applying.

5. Less is more

Too much product is the pits and no one likes build-up. Natural deodorant can be potent with plant- and mineral-based ingredients to help you maintain a fresh scent without build-up and stickiness. Start small with just a couple swipes each day.

6. Relax and enjoy your day

Breathe in the inspiring natural scent you just applied and start your day on a fresh note.

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