schmidt's coconut pineapple jasmine tea lavender tips sensitive skin deodorant with botanicals

Having sensitive skin means you usually have to be pretty selective about the personal care products you choose — and, the underarm skin is a notoriously sensitive area of our bodies.

That’s why Schmidt’s Naturals is pleased to offer our award-winning natural deodorant for sensitive skin, and why we’re excited to announce three new scents for those looking to protect their most precious outer layer.

The star ingredient of our Sensitive Skin formula is magnesium. This precious natural mineral is not only essential for the body’s daily functions, but it also works to help neutralize acidic odor-causing bacteria. When combined with plant-based powders, and our all-star list of natural ingredients, the resulting formula is smooth and creamy — a true champion of helping to keep you fresh. 

Meet the new Sensitive Skin scents:

Tropically-inspired Coconut Pineapple: An adventurous and accessible new scent for those of you with a penchant for sunny days.

Jasmine Tea: A rapturous combination of jasmine and the sophisticated essence of green tea.

Lavender Tips: Which perfectly captures that tranquil and soothing nature of spa-like aromas.

If you’ve experienced sensitivity to your skin or underarms in the past, we recommend you give it a try. Or, if you simply prefer the scents that our Sensitive line has to offer, don’t let it hold you back. 

Ready to try the new scents? Visit our shop to view our Sensitive Skin collection today. Try staff faves like Jasmine Tea or Geranium. 🌿🌸