woman looking at schmidt's jar deodorant

1. Easy application, full coverage 1 of 4

Getting 100 percent coverage from our jar formulas is just as easy as using a stick. All you need is a handy spatula that included with every Schmidt's Naturals jar. Scoop a little out, warm it between your fingers to soften (more on this later), and then apply as usual. Having direct access to your skin also means you can ensure that you’re getting everything you need.

Schmidt's Rose and Vanilla Jar Deodorant

2. A little goes a long way 2 of 4

Another perk to having direct control over how much you apply means that you can avoid over-application, making your jar of deodorant last longer. Fans of Schmidt's have told us that they’ve been able to make a single jar last for over six months.

woman feeling schmidt's jar deodorant between her fingers

3. Get the most out of your routine 3 of 4

Maximizing the effectiveness of your natural deo formula is simple: add a little heat. By warming up your deodorant and softening it between your fingers (or under your arm if you’re #TeamStick), you can increase its ability to absorb into the skin and get the most out of your deodorizing routine.

Three Schmidt's rose & vanilla jar deodorants in a row on pink background

4. Schmidt’s Recycling Club 4 of 4

Every little bit we can do to lessen our impact on the environment is a very good thing. That’s why we encourage you to be part of our Schmidt’s Recycling Club. Once you empty out five of our sustainable glass jars, you can send them back to us to be sanitized and reused. And as a thank you, we’ll set you up with a free jar of our deodorant of your choosing!

and last, but not least...

5. The #TeamJar support community

Schmidt's world-class and super-friendly Customer Support Team is always ready to help you get the most out of your jar application. And if you find that the product you purchased on our website isn’t for you, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means that you can easily swap your jar of unused deodorant out for another product or a stick of your favorite scent.

We’re all familiar with the traditional deodorant stick. It’s been the gold standard for neutralizing odor for decades. But even if you’re solely in the #TeamStick camp, we’d like to humbly suggest an alternative way to apply your daily dose of deo.

Many of Schmidt’s original formulas are also available in handsome, sustainable jars. The formulation is similar to our stick formula, but a bit more condensed, and every bit as effective. The main differentiation is the application process, which consists of removing the product with a spatula before softening between the fingers and applying. 

Remember the first time you applied a deodorant stick? It probably took a minute to get used to. Though our jars are different than traditional applicators, there are several reasons that some of our customers have come to prefer them.

If you’re still on the fence about jumping in with #TeamJar, these are just five reasons why our customers are making the switch.