woman cleaning glass door with schmidt's citrus and minerals cleaning vinegar spray

Photo courtesy of Schmidt’s

Whether it’s inspiration from Marie Kondo for a New Year’s home refresh, spring cleaning, or plain old weekly chores, cleaning our homes is part of our routine whether we like it or not. Taking care of our home means we’re taking care of ourselves, our family, and those around us. Clean house, clear head, right?

One of our favorite tricks at Schmidt’s for caring for our home is cleaning with vinegar. Got grease? Or grime, dirt, or stains on one (or all) of your countertops? Looking to refresh your bathtub? Is your mirror constantly sprayed with little kids’ toothpaste? A multi-surface cleaning vinegar spray can help bring sparkling and refreshed household surfaces into your future. As we’re DIY aficionados here at Schmidt’s HQ, creating our own cleaning vinegar spray was right up our alley.

Curious about why we believe cleaning vinegar is effective as a home cleaner? At Schmidt’s we’ve made it easy. 

Vinegar rules

The acidity of our vinegar-based formula helps to remove dirt, grease, and stains safely from most household surfaces. Schmidt’s Cleaning Vinegar Multi-Surface Spray effectively cleans and refreshes household surfaces with vinegar and essential oils. It’s a household cleaner that gives you the clean you need, never with any dyes, bleach, MIT/BIT, or artificial fragrances. Check out our ingredient list if you’re curious what’s doing the dirty work for you.

Ugh, but vinegar stinks.

Sure… but not Schmidt’s. Our synthetic-free signature scents made with essential oils leave your home smelling seriously amazing. 

Plus, it’s tough on pet mess…

We love our cuddly critters but they won’t clean up after themselves no matter how many times we ask! Vinegar can be perfect for tackling your dog’s wet nose smears on your car windows, and is tough on muddy paws, dander, and household accidents. Not only is it safe for use on common pet surfaces like laminate, hardwood floors vinyl, glass, mirror, and porcelain tile, but our signature scents leave behind a fresh scent after cleaning. 

Can vinegar clean… everything?

While cleaning vinegar is an easy method for cleaning your kitchen or bathroom or that glass coffee table with cup rings that just won’t quit, it’s not so great for all surfaces. Because of the acidity of the formula, cleaning vinegar might cause natural stone (including sealed and unsealed granite) to lose its shine. Beware of using cleaning vinegar on surfaces like unfinished wood, brass, marble, or concrete.

The good news is that cleaning vinegar is safe for use on common household surfaces like ceramic, stainless steel, glass, porcelain, and laminate.

Naturally, we’re now all inspired for a weekend cleaning spree. Check out Schmidt’s Cleaning Vinegar on Schmidts.com.

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