Schmidt's 2018 Holiday Deodorant Collection Trio

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It’s that time of year again… Schmidt’s holiday deodorant collection is back for another season of festive and fresh memories. New in town? Need some help with your transition to natural deodorant? We’ve got you. Follow along for some of our insider tips to applying holiday deodorant.

Tis the season to start small

When it comes to natural deodorant, less is more. One to two swipes might be the best gift you could give your underarms daily. As with all our natural deodorant formulas, Schmidt’s holiday deodorant formula should be applied in small amounts to help avoid common issues like yellow stains or stickiness. You might be used to slathering on your deo, but trust us on this one. Your t‑shirts and that delicate skin under your arms will be so grateful.

Keep warm thoughts

Our holiday deodorant formulas contain no fillers, which means, they’re pretty condensed with plant-based oils and powders. While it may seem tough at first, the natural formula will soften once it gets in contact with your body heat. Our tip? Gently press your holiday deo stick to your skin, let it warm up and soften, and then apply. The now softened formula will help the natural ingredients absorb more evenly to help you get the best odor protection, while also avoiding irritation to your underarms.

Have yourself a few mins to breathe

So, for those that shave your underarms, take some time to let them breathe before you apply your holiday deo. Shaving is known to generate microscopic cuts to your skin, so if you apply deodorant immediately afterward you might experience some irritation. Give your freshly shaven underarms some breathing room, and remember to swap our your razor on the reg for the closest and the cleanest shave.

Celebrate fresh times

Even our underarms deserve regular TLC. Give them the self-care treatment and make sure you’re lathering up and washing your underarms thoroughly — this can help eliminate oils and bacteria that are known to contribute to body odor. Once you’re so fresh and so clean, apply your deodorant (remember the three tips we just gave you above!), and enjoy the invigorating holiday scent you’ve just applied.

Not sure which one to try? Get to know this season’s three limited edition scents:

Oh, Christmas Tree

Crisp and enchanting, with the scent of spruce and hemlock. Perfectly suited for the holiday season.

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Schmidt's 2018 Holiday Deodorant - Oh, Christmas Tree

Photo courtesy of Schmidt’s

Holiday Spice

Warm and festive, with notes of orange, cinnamon, and clove. This modern take on classic holiday potpourri is abundant with holiday cheer.

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Schmidt's 2018 Holiday Deodorant - Holiday Spice

Photo courtesy of Schmidt’s

Snow Day

Soft, powder fresh, and oh so clean. Inspired by snowball fights and endless sledding hills.

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Schmidt's 2018 Holiday Deodorant - Snow Day

Photo courtesy of Schmidt’s

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