Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Lavender + Sage Stick on a purple background with lavender herbs

Photo courtesy of Schmidt’s

When it comes to natural deodorant, getting the results you need and how you can achieve them is key. If you’re looking to make your underarm health a priority with natural deodorant, here’s some simple reminders on cutting out the clutter from the ingredient label.

Deoodorant Do’s

DO: Baking Soda + Magnesium 

Look for these plant-based and mineral-derived ingredients to aid in neutralizing acidic odor-causing bacteria.

DO: Cocoa + Shea Butter

These smooth operators are extracted from naturally-grown plants. These ingredients are known to help moisturize and soften the feel of your skin.

DO: Natural Fragrance 

That sweet smell you enjoy every time you open a natural deodorant, like Schmidt’s? That’s the distilled essence of plant-derived materials like essential oils and natural isolates.

Deodorant Don’ts

DON’T: Aluminum-based

Most antiperspirants use aluminum to prevent certain glands from producing sweat. This is typically a temporary fix, and one that prevents your body’s healthy process of perspiring. Schmidt’s natural deodorant never contain aluminum salts. Instead, we use plant-based powders to help neutralize odor and keep you fresh.

DON’T: Propylene glycol 

This ingredient, sometimes derived from petrochemicals, is often referred to as an irritant and neurotoxin.

DON’T: Triclosan

If the FDA has banned the use of this chemical in soaps, why include it in your deodorant?

DON’T: Artificial Fragrance 

Many fragrances in conventional products can be produced artificially and are often derived from animal sources or petrochemicals. And, that stinks.

The Natural should not be considered medical advice. If you have any questions about your health, please consult a physician.