Cute kids brushing teeth with Schmidt's Kids Toothpaste in Watermelon+Strawberry

Photo courtesy of Schmidt’s

From the moment that first little pearl of a tooth sprouts til your child is ready to brush on their own, good brushing habits start from the beginning. But even with incredibly fun toothpaste flavors, making brushing fun isn’t always easy. You are your child’s oral care role model, but even we get bored of brushing our own teeth at times. So, is it possible to make brushing fun? We think so! We rounded up a few simple tricks to help create healthy habits from the start.

Have a dance party

Two minutes (or four to ensure they get the nooks and crannies) in the morning and two minutes at night of just brushing in front of a mirror is pretty mundane. Crank up your kiddo’s fave tunes and get them rushing to brush before the song is over (get crazier as time is running out!). Who says a minty fresh mouth can’t sing? 

Reward good behavior

We’re big fans of the brushing chart. Stickers are an incredible motivator (even for us boring adults). Create a weekly brushing chart so each time your child brushes their teeth each morning and night, they can add a fun sticker to their chart. Got siblings? Create some friendly competition, and hopefully everyone gets their stickers in! We made some downloadables to get you started…

If stickers aren’t your thing, an old-fashioned high five or a giant hug goes pretty far too.

Invite some imaginary friends

Practice makes perfect. But if your child is feeling a little reluctant of brushing’s tedious task, let them brush a doll or toy’s teeth”. Practicing brushing while playing helps get the whole gang involved and may help encourage your kiddo to brush their own teeth too.

Have some of your own ideas? Let us know what they are in the comments! 

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