It’s hard to believe that just seven years ago I was beginning to experiment with my first deodorant formulations in my Portland, Oregon kitchen. Spending hours of my free time while pregnant, and much of my limited resources, perfecting a recipe for natural deodorant might have seemed like an unconventional choice to some. But for me, it was simple. I was having fun, and what’s more, I was experiencing more fulfillment in my side project” than I ever had in any professional setting — and I had tested the waters of many!

jaime schmidt mixing deodorant over stovetop

Making deodorant in my home kitchen, circa 2011.

Those early experiments were invigorating. I was eager to use the products I made, sharing them with my family and friends, and eventually introducing them to the local community. Each weekend at the farmer’s market, I would hear from so many people who loved the product, who thought they’d never find a natural deodorant that worked for them, or who’d never even tried naturals before. All of this support quickly ignited a competitive streak within me and transformed my passion into a coherent mission: to bring natural products to as many people as I could.

Fast forward to today, and the Schmidt’s team is now leading the charge in bringing healthy, quality products mainstream. The truth is that Schmidt’s would not be here without all of you, our incredible customer family, which has grown to include people all over the globe. You are the heartbeat of the brand and simply the reason we do what we do every day! We are so grateful that you’ve decided to join us and help make our mission a reality. On behalf of all of us at Schmidt’s, Happy New Year, and cheers to what’s to come in 2018!

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