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You know how it goes when you stumble upon something life-changing — your first inclination is to share it with those you love. And when it comes to switching to natural products, lots of people are eager to encourage their friends and family to join them in making positive choices for their long-term health.

Maybe you’ve switched to natural deodorant — among other natural products — and you’re all about the clean, healthy results you get with plant-based ingredients. You want to let people know, but you aren’t quite sure how to tell your friends about making the switch. 

Talking to those close to you about the benefits of making small steps to a healthier, safer lifestyle with natural products can be tricky. You want to share your enthusiasm, but you don’t want to sound patronizing or scare them into making new decisions (which then, won’t stick). Follow along for a few talking points to help guide your conversation and help your friends get on board without writing you off:

Start with empathy 

You want to be healthy, but you also understand that others might not share your motivations. You have to ask yourself, why? Do your friends and family need a little more info on why going natural is a healthy decision? Begin by breaking down the process of switching to natural products into simple, realistic goals. Going natural should feel achievable, not impossible.

Highlight key ingredients

Remind your friends that natural products leave out ingredients that can cause controversy. Think parabens, sulfates, triclosan. For instance, natural deodorant doesn’t include controversial ingredients like aluminum or phthalates, chemicals that have been said to have adverse health effects. Encourage better safe than sorry” alternatives with plant-based powders, mineral-derived ingredients, and oils to aid in neutralizing odors.

Appeal to a sense of smell

Natural products should be exciting, and smell as amazing — if not better — than the conventional alternatives on the market. Unlike a lot of other products, Schmidt’s Naturals uses only natural fragrances derived from plant sources to give deodorants a range of fresh, inviting scents. Appeal to people’s sense of smell with adventurous and accessible scents.

Cruelty-free matters

If you can believe it, American cosmetic companies are still allowed to test their products on live animals. Making the switch to brands that are certified vegan and cruelty-free (yes, there’s a difference) can help you feel good about the environment and every animal that’s a part of it as well.

The Natural should not be considered medical advice. If you have any questions about your health, please consult a physician.