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Britney’s refreshing take on wellness: 2 of 4

"Creating this healthy, positive lifestyle wasn't always easy, but it was completely worth it," she says. Britney works out 5 to 6 times a week with a variety of exercises to keep things interesting.

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She believes healthy is natural: 3 of 4

"I actually started my switch [to natural products] with deodorant because it’s something I use every day, and I wanted to start with something that I know I would use. The process actually took a long time, I had to buy almost six different brands before I found one that would work."

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Her healthiest habit? 4 of 4

"Probably the amount of time I spend on self-care and self-love. I know throughout my journey that it wasn’t always my top priority, but putting yourself first is truly the healthiest thing you can do."

As a full-time health and wellness blogger, Britney Vest embodies a lifestyle we can sometimes have trouble coming to terms with being someone else’s reality — she works out five to six times a week, shares her life daily with 108,000 people on Instagram, and still has a down-to-earth perspective on work-life balance. Some days I’m like how did this even happen, and how is this my life?” she says. I could never have imagined this for myself but here I am, and I love it.”

And how could she not? Britney spends her days writing, modeling for both her blog and brands, exercising, and event-hopping. But much like any other coming-of-age story, Britney’s didn’t start off as easy as it seems. While she started her Instagram profile (@fittybritttty (Opens in a new window)) and blog (Opens in a new window) in 2014 to track and share her fitness journey, her real weight loss journey started in 2011. 

Throughout her life, Britney was always aware of being overweight. It wasn’t until she walked into a Weight Watchers with her mom one August post-college that her life truly changed. 

I often used to depend on others for my happiness and realized I couldn’t do that one second longer. I needed to get myself together mentally, get healthy physically, and I desperately needed to change my life for the better,” Britney says. As soon as I made up my mind about what I wanted to do, it was like no one could stop me. I had horse blinders on, and the only thing I could see was my goals. It was a high like no other to see myself start to accomplish small goals each week, like losing weight, and bigger goals like running a 5‑mile race for the first time in my life. Creating this healthy, positive lifestyle wasn’t always easy, but it was completely worth it.”

Since then, she’s worked diligently to lose 85 pounds, and has completely changed her eating habits, exercise habits, as well as her belief of perfection, progress, and confidence. Get to know Britney a bit more below, and try and not be inspired by her insanely positive outlook on life.

Quick: What’s a typical day in the life?

I wake up around 8 a.m., then apply my morning skincare (lots of hydration with moisturizer and a light serum), chug water while I make my collagen coffee (I can’t function without it — recipe on my blog), and I catch up on Instagram while I sip. After I’m caught up, I begin answering emails and creating content for the blog or for my Instagram feed. Each day is completely different, which I love. I also usually stop midday for a workout of some sort, then back to the grind with work. 

I stop working every day around 5:30 or 6 p.m., make a yummy homemade dinner and chill out with Netflix. Depending on the day, I might have an event at night, and if I don’t, I’m in my sweats chilling. I make sure to write out a list each evening of the tasks I need to do the next day and complete my nightly routine before crawling into bed by 11 p.m. each night.

How often is that midday workout’?

I work out five to six days a week! Sometimes more and sometimes less, it depends on so many things.

What’s your fave exercise?

At the moment it’s hot yoga, and I just tried hot pilates for the first time and fell in love. I have been loving cardio dance classes, and boxing classes are always fun — basically, I love it all.

So, do you just live in athleisure? Do you even bother with makeup?

YES! I’m either in athleisure or in really cute matching sweat suits. It’s basically my dream life. I’m very lucky. 

I rarely put on makeup during the week. Unless I’m shooting for a project, or on set as a model, my skincare is the only thing I put on my face most days of the week. After I work out each day I make sure to wash my face; it helps so much to not get breakouts.

How else do you incorporate healthier choices into your life?

I started making the switch [to natural products] in 2017. I made the decision after doing some research on it and realizing how much stuff we put on our bodies, how it gets directly absorbed into our bloodstreams, and how it can affect our health and wellness. 

I actually started my switch with deodorant because it’s something I use every day, and I wanted to start with something that I know I would use. The process actually took a long time, I had to buy almost six different brands before I found one that would work — hi Schmidt’s!

What’s your advice on keeping your home balanced, healthy, and clean?

My best advice for a balanced, healthy, and clean home is to fill it with plants. I love greenery and think it livens up any space. I have about 10 plants right now around the house. I also think cleaning up every evening really helps keep my home organized and clean. 

As far as keeping a healthy home, I make sure to stock up each week on farm fresh organic produce and veggies from MilkandEggs.com (Opens in a new window) so that I have healthy food at my fingertips. 

What’s your healthiest habit?

Probably the amount of time I spend on self-care and self-love. I know throughout my journey that it wasn’t always my top priority, but putting yourself first is truly the healthiest thing you can do. 

Any advice for sticking to a routine? 

Finding things you love and doing them daily is my best advice for sticking to a routine. Also, know that it’s OK to fall off your routine or to switch it up and change it too. Be kind to yourself and know you’re doing the best you can. 

I find that making a little schedule for myself helps so much. I work for myself and from home most days so sticking to a routine is key for me to be productive and get things done. I schedule out my meals, my workouts, my events for the week, and I also schedule a time to start working and to stop working, all of that helps so much in sticking to a routine. If it’s written down and spoken out loud you’re more likely to stick with it. 

It’s often misconstrued that working for yourself full-time is easy. How do you keep your life in check?

I’m busy but I also have people behind the scenes helping me out and without those amazing women I wouldn’t be where I am today. My sister, Kelsey, takes almost all of my photos and I have an awesome management team helping me too. And, of course, my fellow blogger babes are always there cheering me on and are my support system. 

My sisters definitely keep me the most grounded and down to earth though in the best way possible. But without my Type A personality, I’m not sure how I would get everything done, but thankfully I’m super organized. 

Self-Care Sunday: What are the three things you do to treat yourself?

  1. 80-minute Massage at The Now (Opens in a new window)
  2. Steam shower with a giant fresh farmer’s market bundle of eucalyptus hanging from my shower head
  3. Hydrating face mask to help keep my skin glowing

What’s for breakfast? 

My collagen coffee. 

This is my most recent recipe that is also Whole30 approved:

  • Nespresso coffee pod
  • 1 scoop Vital Proteins unflavored collagen powder
  • 2 honey dates from the farmers market
  • 8 raw cashews
  • 1 scoop of coconut butter

Blend together in a high powered blender for the creamiest most delish cup of coffee you’ll ever have in your life. I’m usually not too hungry in the morning and I love my coffee so it’s a perfect solution for me. This coffee is filled with healthy fats from the nuts and the coconut butter and protein from the collagen. It helps get my brain focused for the start of my day.

Fave people to follow on IG? 

This is so tough. Probably @jacimariesmith — I love all her photos and her feed and I use her presets on my feed to keep it looking cohesive. Also, @amberfillerup — I love her family life and her hair tutorials so much. And also @thebalancedblonde — Jordan and I became friends about a year or so ago and she teaches me so much. I love her authenticity! 

Best advice you ever received?

Be yourself and always follow your heart and gut.

Get more of Britney’s positive vibes, balance, and confidence on her Instagram (Opens in a new window) and blog, fittybritttty.com (Opens in a new window). All photos courtesy of Britney Vest.