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Natural is the new normal, especially after this year’s impressive turnout at Natural Products Expo East. The latest and greatest from Schmidt’s Naturals made a proud showing, but we also toured the hallways to get a glimpse at what’s next for the natural movement, not to mention trying all the free samples. We’re breaking down the biggest trends we think we’ll be seeing more of as we round the corner to 2018.


Charcoal is still very much having its moment. The health benefits of activated charcoal speak for themselves, so it’s no wonder we’re seeing it in nearly everything to help aid digestion, whiten teeth, treat bites and rashes, and detoxify your home. The natural curative properties of this magical ingredient even extend to adsorption” (aka, soak up moisture and toxins as they leave the body), making it a powerful and trusty friend in the natural deodorant category.

Try activated charcoal in your daily hygiene routine by checking out Schmidt’s Naturals Charcoal + Magnesium formula.


From golden milk to energy bars, Indian Saffron” is taking over. With super strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, and basically anti-everything-bad-for-you benefits, turmeric is being incorporated into seemingly everything edible and more. We’re loving the popularity of this healthy golden root.

Probiotics and Ferments

Natural products want you to take a gut check. Powerful probiotic formulas made a strong showing this year in beverages and supplements thanks to more research focusing on intestinal health. Not to mention, fermented honey (raw, ideally with propolis and honeycomb still included) is officially a thing”, making natural sugar healthier with its positive digestive properties.


The newest super-ingredient, collagen, is making its way to mainstream. Found naturally in our bones, muscles, and skin to name a few, collagen in peptide form served as a powder is what’s making strides. The beauty industry is looking to collagen powders as a new natural supplement for stronger hair and nails, firm, glowing skin, and joint health.

Sparkling Water

La Croix lovers beware, there are new sparkling competitors in town. Taking on sugar, natural flavors and alternatives are making a splash into sparkling water options, including an Expo East fan favorite Spindrift, and even sparkling teas.