Woman with brown hair standing in front of floral garden wall

Photo courtesy of @milevskaya/Twenty20

In the last few years as I’ve made the transition from mainstream products to ones that only contain natural ingredients, I’ve discovered a way to wear perfume that doesn’t have all those disconcerting chemicals: essential oils. I feel better knowing that these scents came straight from plant-based sources, and I especially love to dab floral-scented oils on my pulse points as soon as spring rolls around. They put me in that fresh, everything-is-blooming mood, and they carry physical and mental health benefits, too, which is a huge bonus. 

You can use a carrier oil (like avocado or almond) if your skin is sensitive and reap the same benefits, or you can feel free to apply these oils directly. Here are four essential oils that are sure to inspire springtime vibes. 


Jasmine oil smells ahhh-mazing and its strong, tropical scent does wonders for the body and soul. Taken directly from jasmine plants, this essential oil is known to carry some pretty powerful antibacterial properties, but its sweet spot is aromatherapy. It’s a confirmed mood-lifter that is said to help alleviate symptoms of depression, and it’s super-stimulating to the nervous system, which translates to an energized, happier state of mind. It is also known to help you feel a lot more alert.


Geraniums are beloved for being some of the prettiest garden flowers around, but they can also be harvested and turned into an oh-so-helpful essential oil. It’s a proven anti-inflammatory aid, but when it’s inhaled, it also happens to have a known talent for helping decreasing feelings of anxiety.


I’ll never forget the smell of the orange blossoms as we drove through orange groves during our Florida family vacations, and it’s still a favorite scent of mine to wear to this day. Those same orange trees provide neroli oil. Named after an Italian princess who loved the smell of orange blossoms, this citrus essential oil is another one that is known to carry antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, but it is also said to help make you feel mellow and sleepy, too, when used as aromatherapy. 

Ylang Ylang

With its intoxicating scent, ylang ylang is another flower that has a decidedly tropical aroma. This essential oil is applauded for its aromatherapeutic superpowers, which include helping promote relaxation, and it is said to help slow down alertness, creating a calming effect. 

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