Woman smelling Schmidt's Bergamot + Lime Signature Deodorant in front of gray background

Hi, we’re Schmidt’s. 👋

We make products for you and your home like natural deodorant, tooth + mouth paste, and cleaning vinegar.

Schmidt's Rose + Vanilla Signature Deodorant on crystal riser in front of white half circle and gray background

Handcrafted in the kitchen from the start

Jaime Schmidt started making natural products in her Portland kitchen back in 2010. She felt frustrated with the lack of effective natural products in the marketplace. Pregnant at the time, she wanted a healthy product that not only smelled great, but actually worked. And there simply wasn’t anything that met her expectations for performance, ingredient listing, and sophisticated natural fragrance. So, she made her own.

Thousands of hours of research, and hundreds of recipes later, Jaime arrived at her ideal deodorant formula. Schmidt’s and word of its effectiveness spread virally. In 2015, she teamed up with entrepreneur Michael Cammarata and together they grew the business, expanding into new retail channels and garnering buzz around the world.

A woman holding a stick of Schmidt's Rose + Black Pepper Hemp Deodorant while looking over her shoulder in front of a pinkish-brown background

Our products work because they’re natural

Schmidt’s unique recipes are always built upon our core DIY principles. Essential oils and trending natural ingredients deliver sensorially amazing results, waking us all up to the possibilities that health and wellness and efficacy can be achieved together. We never use fillers and we are always exploring for the next plant or mineral based ingredient that can unlock a new benefit for you.

Multiple sets of hands holding a stick of Schmidt's Sage + Vetiver Hemp Deodorant in front of an off-white background

Our standards & values are rock solid 

Schmidt’s is always plant-based, certified vegan and cruelty-free. We’re always exploring new ingredients or ways to incorporate natural technology for our products. The journey to pursue a better way to live is always ongoing. Join us.