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Schmidt's Jasmine Tea sensitive skin deodorant stick with green label on a table with greyish background

Ingredient FAQs

We make effective, plant-based products that actually work.

Why do your ingredient lists on SmartLabel differ from the ingredient list on my deo label?

The ingredient list on your deo label reflects every ingredient, or component, within that formula. On our SmartLabel pages, we are taking the opportunity to disclose more information about what is in those components. The main difference you’ll see is within our natural fragrances. On each SmartLabel page, we’ve listed the natural ingredients included in each of our blends, as well as any known allergens. This additional transparency is part of our commitment to raise the bar on natural products — we think you have the right to know the full picture of what’s in your products and be able to make an informed decision about what works for you. Questions? Contact us!