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Schmidt's Jasmine Tea sensitive skin deodorant stick with green label on a table with greyish background

Ingredient FAQs

We make effective, plant-based products that actually work.

Is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) in your products?

We never use SLS in our personal care products. When developing our products, we believe in choosing ingredients that will result in a product that, when used as intended, makes us feel good about using it – and is also effective. As laundry detergent is not designed to come in direct contact with skin, the risk of skin irritation is minimal when such products are used in accordance with use instructions. SLS is highly effective at helping to remove dirt and stains from clothes, and we have carefully formulated our concentrated laundry detergent to ensure low irritancy when used for cleaning your clothes. Our detergents have been tested to ensure they are gentle on your clothes, are considered safe for use in homes with cats and dogs and of course, all our products go through rigorous safety assessments prior to entering the market. 

We invite you to read more information on SLS here.