girl brushing teeth with Schmidt's

Photo courtesy of Schmidt’s Naturals

You’ve got your bathleisure (Opens in a new window) routine on lock, with everything from bath bombs to crystals at the ready.

But let’s be honest: The amount of time you actually spend in your bathtub doesn’t hold a (self-care Sunday) candle to the minutes you log at your sink. Whether you’re brushing your teeth, washing your hands, or just obsessing over that pimple that seemingly erupted overnight — don’t worry, it happens to all of us — that tiny little spot of apartment real estate gets consistent foot traffic.

And if that spot was a little more cheerful? Instant mood boost. Here are 5 easy ways to upgrade your sink space:

Dispense wisdom

While it might be as functional as it gets, there’s no reason why your soap has to come from a plastic bottle. Find a dispenser that fits your vibe — whether it’s in shimmery glass or sleek metal. Bonus: You can cut down on waste by getting your hand soap in bulk.

In living color

You might not be ready to commit to, say, coral red walls in your bedroom. But in that little bit of wall space peeking out from behind your sink’s mirror? Instant accent moment. Whether it’s buttercup yellow or sapphire blue, the color could quite literally brighten your day from the moment you stumble from your bed to go wash your face. 

Hit the floor

A bath mat by your shower is necessary. But a bath mat by your sink? That’s a luxury — a really soft, cushiony one that will make you want to hang out there well after you’ve finished flossing. If you’re not quite convinced, just think about all the times mid-winter when you’ve had to stand on the cold tile while you brush your teeth…and imagine how much nicer it would feel if you had something fuzzy beneath your feet.

Bathroom countertop with soap, flowers in vase, jar of cotton balls, and mirror

Photo courtesy of @mackenziebertuccini/Twenty20

Box it up

Cotton balls and Q‑tips? A necessary part of your bathroom routine. So show them some love by storing yours in something other than the packaging they came in. Play up the apothecary vibes with glass jars, channel beach vibes with a rattan container — or hey, it’s finally an excuse to use that too-small-for-anything-else ceramic bowl you’ve been eyeing.

Get planted

Whether it’s a bunch of tulips from the famers’ market or a cute little potted plant, we tend to leave our greenery everywhere but the bathroom. But why should your kitchen table get all the love? Pluck a stem from your bouquet and place it in a skinny vase, or move your fave low light-loving plant on the bathroom counter. You’ll never have to worry about remembering to water it again.

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