We won’t tell you we’re natural. We’ll prove it.

Schmidt’s is the first and only deodorant in the U.S. to be certified natural by leading global certifier Ecocert, with 100% natural origin ingredients

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Infographic chart explaining the criteria Schmidt's natural deodorant has met in order to be certified natural by Ecocert
Schmidt's Charcoal & Magnesium natural deodorant stick on top of charcoal on a white background

The certification process is a detailed and lengthy process that took us nearly two years to complete.

Ecocert validates every step of the process, from the ingredients we use in our product, to how they are received in the factory, to the manufacturing process, waste management, shipment, and finally, they even evaluate the artwork on our packaging and marketing materials.

Being a certified natural deodorant is a big deal to us — we believe products should be natural, not natural-ish.