Deodorant FAQs

Schmidt’s award-winning formulas help neutralize odour and keep you fresh.

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Does Schmidt’s have baking soda free formulas?

YES! We have a sensitive skin collection that’s baking soda-free, but just as effective. Both our signature and sensitive skin formulas offer 24 hour odor protection and require only a small amount to be applied (1 – 2 swipes per underarm) to get results.

So, what’s the difference between our formulas?

Signature: Uses primarily magnesium and some baking soda to help neutralize odor. Our signature sticks are available in amazing unisex scents like Rose+Vanilla and Bergamot+Lime, plus options including activated charcoal like Charcoal+Magnesium and Sandalwood+Citrus.

Sensitive: Baking soda-free, uses only magnesium to help neutralize odor. Formulated specifically for those seeking effective protection that is especially smooth and gentle on skin. Our sensitive skin sticks are available in amazing scents like Coconut & Kaolin Clay, Jasmine Tea, and Coconut & Pineapple. We also have a fan-favorite activated charcoal sensitive skin deodorant called Here & Now and an award-winning hemp seed oil-infused collection. Check them out!