How to Survive the Holidays and Stay Grounded

Photo courtesy of @andrey_rage/Twenty20

The holidays, while fun, can also play a brutal awakening to your routine. Between the multitude of holiday parties, family gatherings, and office treats, it can take a toll on your body, mind, and wallet. Instead of waking up January 1st wondering how to piece yourself back together, there are small steps you can take to help you feel more grounded throughout the next month (and beyond).

Stay Hydrated

Water is a non-negotiable when it comes to your wellness. While you’re asleep at night, your body is fasting, which means first thing in the morning you could feel dehydrated. Guzzling down a large glass of water is said to help rehydrate yourself and jumpstart your metabolism for the day [editor’s note: a not too boiling hot glass with lemon is super refreshing first thing]. And keeping hydrated throughout the day is a good reminder to help you feel balanced and avoid any unwanted headaches the next morning.

3/2/1 Your Day

Getting in your daily dose of vegetables can seem like a tough task, given many of our preferences to fill up on homemade baked cookies or salty treats that float around this time of year. I recently learned of a 3/2/1 system” — it helps you not only consume your recommended vegetable servings, but it also helps you diversify your meals, adding some mindfulness to holiday helpings. 

The Rules: At each meal, incorporate either one, two, or three servings of vegetables to eventually bring you to six servings of veggies for the whole day (or more). It’s as easy as at throwing spinach into your morning smoothie (1), having veggie soup for lunch (2 – 3), or adding fresh cucumber and sprouts to your sandwich and carrots on the side (3).

Take 5 for Meditation

We have told you before about how a few seconds for deep breathing is known to do a world of wonders for your mental health and help fight stress. The holidays may be the best time to learn how to do some basic deep breathing exercises. With excessive crowds, a house filled with family, work events, and candy-filled kids running around, staying level-headed this season with just a few minutes of breathing a few times a time could go a long way. Remember, meditation doesn’t need to be sitting, it can also be on a walk, laying in bed or, my favorite, in a sauna.

Save Your Wallet

Needless to say, the holidays can take a toll on your wallet. Sometimes budgets can be very daunting especially if you are not a numbers person” or an excel wiz.” This is where you can let technology do its work. Download a smart savings app like Albert or Clarity Money that analyzes your income and spending every day and will either set aside small amounts of money you can safely save or closely monitor your monthly cost to notify if you are overpaying on bills or cut hidden subscription services. Not to mention, donating your time or a few extra bucks you’ve saved up to charity can help in more ways than one.

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