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Schmidt’s is teaming up with actor Lachlan Watson and Trans Justice Funding Project to promote the critical role that self-care, community, and wellness play in the trans and non-binary community. 

Throughout Lachlan’s own journey, they have experienced isolation first-hand and felt the need for community support. They quickly learned the importance of self-care and a positive headspace.

At Schmidt’s, we understand the need for support within a community and how small actions of self-care can have a big impact on your mental health and wellness. By partnering with the Trans Justice Funding Project, we can help support those fighting to be their most authentic selves, including those living in communities where they might otherwise feel isolated.

What is Trans Justice Funding?

Very little funding goes to LGBTQ+ organizations, even less to trans justice work, and even less to grassroots, local work. Trans Justice Funding Project is a community-led funding initiative supporting grassroots trans justice groups run by and for trans people.

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We Believe Love is Natural

Lack of advocacy, a community, and access to basic needs can lead to tremendous feelings of isolation. Learn why we support those who are living courageously and authentically.

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“It’s easy to get caught up in the feeling of being unable to change the big picture, which is why it’s so important that we fund and support real, trans-lead organizations like the Trans Justice Funding Project who are truly embodying that change.”

Lachlan Watson