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Our latest innovations will have you feeling fresh. Try what’s new and get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $40.

Signature Stick Formula

Schmidt’s award-winning formulas use innovative ingredients derived from plants and minerals. Which mesmerizing scent will you choose?

Kids Tooth+Mouth Paste

Because kids deserve fresh breath and brilliant smiles, too! A gentle, plant-powered, fluoride-free formula that includes vitamin E, aloe, coconut oil, and tea tree to help encourage mouth health for growing smiles.

Body Wash

A plant-based body wash formula for aromatic and moisture-rich cleansing.
With an argan oil-based surfactant, and sea-based antioxidants and aminos (like nori, red algae, and spirulina) to help nourish and refresh skin.


Our innovative, plant-powered mouthwash formula, with a refreshing blend of coconut oil and botanical extracts like goji berry and pomegranate, leaves your mouth feeling fresh.